‘Fukai’ Japanese White Pine (Pinus parviflora ‘Fukai’)


Pinus parviflora ‘Fukai’, commonly known as the Japanese White Pine ‘Fukai’, is an evergreen conifer native to Japan. It is an intermediate-growing, broadly upright white pine with strong creamy-gold banding on new growth that slowly fades to green once it hardens off in the autumn. For most of the year, it makes a striking statement as an ornamental in the larger landscape, and through diligent candle pruning, it can be maintained for a smaller garden.

Expect growth rates between 15 – 20 cm annually, resulting in a small tree/large shrub approximately 1.6 metres tall with a 1 metre spread after ten years of growth. As with most Japanese Pines, this conifer can be grown throughout southeastern and eastern Australia with cooler summers. This cultivar originated in Helsingborg, Sweden, by renowned horticulturist Tage Lundell. Suitable as a container plant and will tolerate most well-draining, slightly acidic soils.


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