European Larch Potted Christmas Tree


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Step into a winter wonderland with our breathtaking 300mm European Larch Potted Christmas Tree. This elegant and eco-friendly tree is the ultimate centrepiece for your holiday festivities, imbuing your home with a unique charm that will leave your guests spellbound.

Handpicked from the lush pastures of the Blue Mountains, our Christmas tree boasts symmetrical branches adorned with soft, needle-like green leaves that radiate a gentle natural fragrance. Its slender silhouette exudes sophistication, ensuring it complements any space, whether decorating your living room or spreading cheer in your office.

Our European Larch tree is more than just a decoration—it symbolises joy, tradition, and the magic of the holiday season. By choosing our potted Christmas tree, you’re supporting eco-conscious efforts, as these trees are grown with responsible farming methods that minimize their environmental impact.

After the holiday season, you can replant the tree, giving it a new lease on life and continuing the cycle of green goodness. To keep your European Larch Potted Christmas Tree fresh and vibrant throughout the festive season, place it away from direct heat sources like radiators or fireplaces. Keep the soil moist but not waterlogged regularly, and ensure the pot has proper drainage to prevent root rot. Keep your European Larch in a cool spot away from direct heat and intense sunlight. Place it near a window with ample natural light and mist regularly to increase humidity.

After the holiday season, giving your European Larch a new lease on life outdoors is a rewarding experience. Wait until the last heat of summer has passed before planting, and choose a sunny or partially shaded spot in your garden with well-draining soil and plenty of room for it to grow.

The European Larch thrives in moist, acidic soil but can adapt to various soil types. Dig a hole twice the size of the tree’s root ball, gently remove the tree from its pot and place it in the hole, ensuring the top of the root ball aligns with the soil level. Fill the hole with soil and water thoroughly. Keep the newly planted tree well-watered throughout the summer, and apply mulch around the tree’s base to retain moisture and suppress weed growth.

Unite your holiday traditions with nature’s finest gift—the 300mm European Larch Potted Christmas Tree. Cherish the magic of Christmas and continue its legacy for generations to come with this sustainable treasure. Embrace the season’s joy with a touch of European elegance, a scent of woodland charm, and a promise of everlasting beauty. Order now and let the enchantment of this eco-friendly Christmas tree transform your holiday decor.

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Foliage Colour

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1 to 2 metres

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0.5 to 1 metre

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