Your frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

We will answer your most frequently asked questions here. As we grow and receive more questions from you, we’ll will update this section. Check here to see if your question has been answered before contacting our team.

We have launched our Special Orders program for our online customers, servicing the ACT, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia! This allows you to access over 400 plant varieties from our supplier network, perfect for your next landscaping project. We can source cool temperateCool Temperate Cool temperate can refer to climactic conditions or a specific biome that hosts plant kingdoms typically associated with cool temperate rainforests. Climate areas correspond with Australian climate zones 6 and 7 and include cities such as Hobart, Melbourne and Canberra. Regional areas include most of the southern half of Victoria, Tasmania, southeastern New South Wales and the highland / Great Dividing Range extending into northern NSW and southern Queensland. Cool temperate regions experience high amounts of rainfall throughout the year, have a cold to cool winter and summers that are mild to warm. Snowfall in some of these localities is not uncommon. native and exotic species in sizes ranging from tube stock to advanced trees in 500L bags. All you need to do is browse our catalogues, select the plant’s you’re after, and we will organise everything from souring to delivery.

We’ve carefully vetted suppliers and source plants from some of Australia’s most trusted wholesale nurseries and have partnered with specialised plant transport & freight providers, who will pick-up your order and deliver to your door. Click here to for more information on freight & delivery.

Our super competitive pricing allows you to exclusively accesses ‘bulk’ pricing usually reserved for the big-box retail stores. We’ve designed our pricing in mind so that you can save where it counts on your next landscaping project. There are minimum order requirements for some suppliers, however we generally advise you to order by the pallet, to make the order as economic as possible. You save money, leave the stress and hassle to us and get delivery to your door – simple as!

The first step is to review our Special Orders page, and select your state from the table of contents. Customers based in the ACT, NSW, QLD. SA and VIC have access to all three supplier lists, however customers in TAS and WA vary. 

Each supplier list has a selection of plants organised by their growing form or type. There are a list of plants in each grid, some over several pages. You can navigate to a page, jump to the beginning or end of the list or use the search bar to find the plant you are interested in. Each grid has uniform categories, and will include the botanical name, the common name and the pot size. We indicate cultivars and varieties using quotation marks in both the botanical and common name fields.

Once you have a list of plants you are interested in, fill out this form and provide us with as much information as possible. We’ll contact our suppliers and find out if the products you have requested are available. We will then provide you an update with stock information and pricing. 

Once you’re ready to go ahead, we will send you a quote with pricing, shipping and freight costs. Quotes are valid for 7 days, at which any time you can chose to cancel or confirm your quote.

If you want to proceed with an order, we’ll send you an invoice that is payable within 7 days. Payment must be made in full, and orders are only placed with the supplier once full payment is received. We then work with the supplier and transport company to have your items collected on the next available transport.

Once the order is booked, a consignment note is issued with the agreed pick-up and delivery dates. The order is then collected and delivered to your door.

We advise that there is someone available to accept delivery of your plants.

And it’s as simple as that – let us take the hassle out of your next project and enquire today!

Australia has very strict biosecurity laws, enforced at federal, state and sometimes local level. This is done to protect vulnerable habitats and eco-systems, economies and people’s livelihoods. Without protection, vital industries such as agriculture and tourism, would face catastrophic collapse. To ensure we are compliant with these restrictions, we will restrict the sale of plant and seed material to WA and NT. Sign up to our newsletter to stay on top of changes we make to our shipping conditions.

Currently, we use Australia Post and Sendle as our carrier providers. While there still may be some unexpected delays, both services are doing their bit to manage the increase in demand. This means, we will ship packages Monday and Tuesday only, to ensure minimal time in transit. Tracking is provided for all our packages, so you’ll receive updates while yours is in transit. We strongly recommend you take out insurance, specifically when purchasing high value items. We do our best to make sure your living, breathing plants arrive within an acceptable time-frame, however, once the courier service has accepted the package, the rest of the journey is out of our hands. We recommend you check your purchase as soon as it arrives. If you experience any issues when your plant arrives, give us a call or email and provide a picture of the problem so we can work out the best solution for you.

At this stage, we can’t offer flat shipping rates, due in part to being such a small business. This may change in the future as we grow and connect with more customers and suppliers. To do our part, we use live quotes directly from Australia Post and Sendle to give you the best rates. We also charge minimal shipping and handling fees, to keep overall costs down so you can spend your money where it’s needed. Times are tough and we absolutely understand that. We want to spread the love for the cool and unusual without breaking your bank account. That’s why, we’ve included a custom shipping quote option. If you want a custom quote for a service other than Australia Post or Sendle, we’re happy to accommodate you. Custom quotes will collect a flat shipping and handling fee of $5.95 regardless of your order size. We also offer delivery within the Southern Highlands when you spend over $250 in one transaction. If you have any questions, drop us a line.

Presently, our operation is closed to the public, as most of our site is dedicated to propagation. We’re a small operation with a tiny footprint, and hope to grow one day to include a site-accessible nursery to share our passion for plants with you in person.

Although we are a small operation, we produce up to ⅓ of the plants we sell on site. The rest are sourced from carefully vetted suppliers, who are certified and adhere to the strictest hygiene, bio-security and industry protocols, controls and regulations. This means that we can resupply some stock quicker than others. You may see notices such as ‘available in 4 to 6 weeks’. This means either, we can’t access the stock from the supplier just yet, or, we’ve received stock from the supplier, and the plants are being quarantined and acclimatised before they are introduced into our propagation area. You can sign up to get notified when stock is available to purchase, to ensure you don’t miss out.

Who doesn’t love a good bargain? From time to time, we’ll run deals which are accessible from here . If you sign up to our free newsletter, we’ll also send you coupon offers which are redeemable from the checkout page. We’ll let you know what the terms and conditions are, in plain english at the time of offer. Some coupons can be stacked, others will be more restrictive. When you visit our site, we’ll alert you via a pop-up if there are special offers. We’ll do our best to make sure you don’t miss out. To stay in the know, sign up to our monthly newsletter.

Each and every plant is a unique specimen with its own arrangement of leaves, stems and branches. Just like people, no two plants are exactly the same. Our stock pictures are taken onsite using our very own plants, so you’ll have a very good idea of what your plant will look like. Pictures are updated to reflect the types of plants in our stock range each time we receive or produce a new batch, so you’ll always have a current representation of what you are purchasing.

Wollemi Pines are not available in every nursery. They can be hard to source, and are not as readily available (yet) as some plants. Our supplier is accredited by federal and state bodies and produces quality stock propagated and nursed by scientists who specialise in conservation biology. This means our stock is robust and of good size (between 50 to 80cm tall), generally 3 years old at time of sale and established enough to survive transit. We have our very own Wollemi Pine corner onsite, with plants that will one day produce seedlings we can sell on to you for a lot less. This is some time away, as we patiently await for our trees to produce seed. In the meantime, we will carry limited stock or purchase from our supplier on request. If you want to order a Wollemi Pine, send us a request. Stock can be erratic and orders may take a week or two to arrive. We will not collect payment from you until we can confirm availability, at which time we will contact you to arrange your order.

Send us an email or a request via the customer enquiries page. We have extensive experience trying to track down the weird and wonderful. If we don’t have it, but can stock it, we will create a special order for you. A special order will require payment up-front once we can confirm stock levels with our supplier. We’ll then order it in, treat it and quarantine it for you. We’ll then ship it to you once it leaves our quarantine facility directly to your door. We’ll keep you updated throughout the process.

If we can’t stock the item or have it shipped to our location, we will do our best to try and put you in touch with someone that can help. Our mission is to ignite passion for plants, the weird and wonderful and to set people on a path of appreciation of our native flora and fauna. We obtain the same satisfaction connecting you with your plant whether it’s sold to you by us or a third-party.

Antarctic Flora represents a community of related plant species that existed on the super-continent of Gondwana, and has endured to the present day. Australia belongs to a special club that includes New Zealand, New Guinea, New Caledonia and southern Argentina and Chile. South America, Antarctica, Australia (Sahul) and Zealandia were once connected via land bridges that swapped and shared unique flora and fauna. 

There are great examples of Antarctic Flora and its shared lineage across the Australian landscape, such as the Southern Beeches of Victoria and Tasmania; the Podocarpus and Callitris conifers found across the country and a huge variety of specialised species found in remnant, high altitude cool temperate rainforest pockets in southern, eastern and north-east Australia.

Antarctic Flora and more broadly, Gondwana Flora has come under immense pressure since settlement, with vast swaths of forest removed for agricultural land and ravaged by bushfires. Many Antarctic Flora species are now found on threatened and critically endangered lists, unable to sustain their narrow foot-hold in an ever dwindling ecosystems under multiple threats. 

Many backyards have several mini-climate zones, each dictated by aspect, property size, soil types and the amount of daylight available. If you have a cool, damp area in your yard with rich organic soil, you likely have a spot that can harbour Antarctic Flora. Show some Antarctic Flora love by planting them in your garden – you’ll not only do your bit by helping an ancient legacy continue, you’ll also attract an entire ecosystem of flora and fauna just waiting for a few plants to colonise your yard.

If you’re interested in learning more about Antarctic Flora, and want to see some it its natural state, there are many wonderful examples in TAS, VIC, NSW and QLD. All aforementioned states have amazing examples of intact flora and fauna communities in national parks and gardens. You’ll be inspired, amazed and delighted to visit our incredible National Parks and Botanic Gardens. Do your research and make it a plan to visit these amazing sites with your friends and family. You’re not only creating awareness, but will also contribute to conservation efforts of these precious spaces for future generations to enjoy.

You can pay either with Credit or Debit card, bank transfer, PayPal, Apple Pay or Google Pay. Simply select your preferred method in the checkout window before you commit to the order. Other payment methods such as After Pay may be added in the future. At this time we do not accept cash in person or on delivery.

If there is a problem with your order, we’ll do our best to rectify it with you. Your best course of action is to contact us directly (see contact link in the footer below) and not to do so over social media channels. We’re usually busy in the garden, and we’re less likely to see that form of communication. Email, webform or call is best. We assess each issue case by case, and will issue a refund or credit within reason, See our Shipping and Tracking and Terms and Conditions for full details.

As mentioned in Shipping and Tracking and Terms and Conditions, once the plants leave our care and are accepted by the carrier service, our responsibility ends. Once the plants arrive in your care, you have 48 hours to let us know of any problems with the condition of the plant.

We will provide you with information to look after your plants, including suitable climate conditions and soil type, under the product tab of the plant. Please read carefully and take care to select the right plant for your needs. 

If we have shipped the incorrect plant to you in error, we will issue a credit for the value of your plant or will send a replacement if it is in stock. 

 Shipping costs and handling fees are non-refundable.

Refunds are not available for change of mind.

You can find more information about how to care for your plant, review our comprehensive guides under the product tab section. You can use the search bar on our website or find it on the Shop page.

We use a combination of recycled boxes, recycled packing materials, bubblewrap and protective paper to send our items to you. We sell plants varying in size and shape, so we have a variety of boxes to send them to you.

We are trained horticulturists and do our best to protect plants as much as humanly possible to ensure they arrive at their destination safe and sound. We may sometimes trim your plant before sending it to you. This is done to minimise damage in transit and to ensure the plant arrives in optimal condition. We recommend that you acclimate your plant in a temperature stable environment to reduce transportion shock. All that is required is a nice semi-shaded spot and a good drink, and they’ll be right as rain in no time at all. We receive plants ourselves several times a week, and are pretty good at settling shipped plants and acclimatising them to their new surroundings.

If you want to make an order and can’t get it to work in our shop due to shipping size restrictions, we can do a custom order for you over several boxes. Select ‘custom shipping quote’ and we’ll work out a price for you to ship your items.

If you have any questions about our packing methods or have any other general questions, drop us a line!

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