Pencil Pine


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Athrotaxis cupressoides (Pencil Pine) is a native tree or erect shrub primarily found in open alpine and subalpine vegetation, although it can also occur as a rainforest tree. It is endemic to Tasmania. It is fire sensitive and is found in most unburnt, high-altitude areas, especially on or near the Central Plateau. It isn’t known in the northeast and only occurs in a few areas of the South-West. The genus has one other species (A. selaginoides), which is also endemic to southern, western and central Tasmania. The two species hybridise (producing A. x laxifolia).

In garden settings, this slow-growing conifer can reach heights of 8 metres with a spread of 4 metres. In the wild, there are specimens over 20 metres tall. Protect from frost and drying winds to prevent issues.


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