Crinkle Bush (Lomatia silaifolia)


Lomatia silaifolia, commonly known as the Crinkle Bush or Parsley Fern, is a protea native to eastern Australia. It is found growing in heath, wet sclerophyll forests and woodland, with distribution mainly on the coast and tablelands of the Great Dividing Range.

The Crinkle Bush is great as an understory plant and can withstand full shade. It can reach heights between 1-2 metres and a width of 1 to 1.5 metres. It responds well to light pruning and can make an attractive shrub or bush. The white to cream inflorescences (flowers) appear in summer, are raceme-like or paniculate and extend between 20 and 30cm above the leaves.

Lomatia silaifolia will grow well in well-drained soils, ranging from sandstone/sandy to clay loams. Frost tolerant and mildly drought tolerant, lightly mulch over extended hot and dry conditions. Perfect as a container or balcony plant attracts native bees and native insects.

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