Guitar Plant


***Original form available from late November 2023.***

Lomatia tinctoria, known as the Guitar Plant, is a medium-sized shrub endemic to Tasmania. A member of the Proteaceae family, it grows in lightly acidic, well-draining soil and tolerates a sunny or shady location.

Lomatia tinctoria is found in northeastern Tasmania, mainly north and east of the Pieman and Derwent rivers, Cape Barren, and Flinders Islands. It grows as a woody shrub reaching 1.5 m (5 ft) high, rarely up to 2 m (7 ft) tall. The leaves are strongly lobed (pinnate or bipinnate) and are around 8 cm long. The white or cream flower heads appear in summer. It is one of three endemic Lomatia species, an example of Antarctic Flora.

We stock two variations of this plant. One is the shrub form found chiefly through the northeast, and the second is a stately compact form located south of Hobart.


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